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1 My Best Traffic Source comes from Reddit.com. From here I get my 54% traffic and they comes from Reddit.com Group VIDEOS.

Reddit.com Video has 23 M(Million) members. Huge Traffic FREE.

You can post any videos re your Niche/Category.

Join Reddit.com and join videos group

Some of the Popular Groups in Reddit.com are:

funny 32 M

Gaming 27 M

Music 25 M

Dogs 1.7M

Cats 2M

For complete Lists of Reddit Groups pls visit http://redditlist.com/

After joining you have to earn 100 Karmas (Points) before you can seriously advertise.

My Reddit name is pltamint I have earned 1652 Karmas/Points

Here too I gained Karma points Fast during my early stages, by joining First, group Quotes with 284,000 members.

Likewise, you Find a popular quote and paste it In The Heading only. You don’t need body message.

Many Members approve and give you Karma (Points)

After a 100 you can advertise

In the meantime you may join Videos Group and post your Videos

On Long Time basis Joining reddit.com will be your best invewstment in time

2 Next My traffic from Facebook

First. post Videos in your Facebook membership.

THEN Search for Facebook Groups in your Niche And post your Videos

My Niche groups are:

Meditation Music 7900 membership

Meditation music / meditaciรณn Musical 755 Members

Deep Sleeping, Relax,and Meditation Music and Video Group 7500 Members

wellness relaxation meditaton music 1200 Members

Relaxation Music 5700 Members


Soothing Relaxation Music For Meditation, Spa, Yoga, etc. 1900 Members

YOUTUBE – CHANNEL 22500 Members

3 There are other places to post your Videos.

Twitter Create a few twitter accounts and post.

Join the following and post your Videos






Life Journal,


Chrysostom Arulnayagam

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